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Custom Club and Club Fitting

The flightscope launch monitor takes readings from each and every shot to compare and analyze results from various manufacturers and specifications to determine the clubs that will make you a better player. Whether you are a golfer of any age, gender and ability, selecting a set of clubs is one of the most important decisions you’ll make towards improving and enjoying your game.

Foxchase has a great selection of major brands at our disposal, Mizuno, Callaway, Taylormade, and Titleist to name a few. I conduct fitting for all clubs including sets or irons, drivers, wedge, hybrid/fairway woods, and putter.

Customers are more than welcome to come in with their current set to test and compare data with newer clubs to get the very best out of their choice.

Our fitting process consist of shafts and shafts optimizing, grip size, loft and lie angle, length, swing weight, and club head.

You don’t golf into nets. So we don’t fit golf clubs that way. Take your game to the next level.

Club Repair Services

LM Golf Academy

LM Golf Academy is a place that will help golfers better their game and lower their handicap, hit better quality shots, and be more consistent to lowering their score.

Practice is key to golf improvement as it is with most things. Building layers of improvement through coaching and repetition for a more consistent swing and score. It is my mission to provide the best training, programs, and short game to better a player.

LMGA utilize the flightscope X2 launch monitor to take readings from each and every shot to compare and analyze results. We also provide drills and training (private or group programs), performance analysis (using PC, digital video, etc), putting aids, etc.

Any questions or to schedule service, please contact (717) 468-3712 or