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Foxchase Joins the Green Movement

Stevens' Public Golf Course leads the way

Beginning in July of 2010, Foxchase Golf Club became the first golf course in the state of Pennsylvania to be powered by electricity generated from a solar farm. The solar farm is comprised of 1,320 individual solar panels that cover an acre of land. The system is expected to produce 360 mega watts annually and offset 3,600 tons of carbon waste.

Partnering with Foxchase Golf Club on this endeavor is Advanced Solar Industries located in New Holland, PA. You can read the joint press release by clicking here >> Foxchase & ASI Press Release

In addition to the powerful solar farm that was installed, Foxchase and ASI also put in place comprehensive monitoring equipment. The monitoring equipment places its data on the internet, and you can view it as well.

To see the amount of electricity being generated by the solar panels LIVE, please click here >> Solar Monitoring